Jiayin team united efforts to prevent typhoons

2021-07-25 13:21

At 12:30 on July 25, this year's No. 6 typhoon "Fireworks" landed in Putuo District, Zhoushan, Zhejiang, and the Ningbo area launched a level I emergency response. The "fireworks" registration coincided with the astronomical tide, and the "three encounters" of strong wind, rainstorm and high tide occurred, resulting in water accumulation on Yuyao roads and road closures in many places, which had a major impact. Jiayin's anti-Taiwan team was fully prepared, swiftly, effectively organized, and fully implemented, giving full play to the team's vanguard and exemplary role and the party organization's role as a battle barrier, which contributed to Jiayin's outstanding performance in this anti-Taiwan rescue.

Before the typhoon "Fireworks" landed, under the command of branch member and office director Xu Yahong, all aspects of preventive measures, material preparation, organizational arrangements, follow-up and implementation were deployed. Comrade Lu Yongjiang of the logistics department led the team to fully implement . The administrative team conducted on-the-spot inspections of low-lying and flood-prone points, actively prepared emergency measures, and accurately arranged precipitation facilities, which created the basic conditions for winning the anti-typhoon rescue work.


Starting from the night of the 25th, the wind speed and rainfall have intensified respectively. Comrade Lu Yongjiang arranged on-duty prevention, waterproof and leak repair, facilities and equipment overnight, and strengthened the duty and inspection work, using the tools such as pumps, sandbags, and baffles prepared in advance to pay close attention to flood control. To meet the situation, improve the logistics support work, eliminate potential safety hazards in time, and strive to leave no gaps in the company's flood control, so as to lay a solid foundation for winning the anti-typhoon rescue.


Since the 26th, due to the unabated wind and rain in Yuyao and the rising water level, the Jiayin team has fully mobilized its internal forces to go all out to win this "tough battle". Due to the heavy rainfall and the long duration, the injection molding division with the lowest terrain of the company has serious water accumulation, the party members and the backbone of the division take the initiative to take the lead, overcome difficulties and obstacles, form a strong Jiayin anti-risk team, and actively participate in the company's anti-Taiwan work middle. Everyone moved the workshop materials in the rain, built baffles to accumulate sandbags, raised machinery and equipment, used water pumps to remove accumulated water, worked hard to protect low-lying production units, and strived to reduce losses, and weathered this difficulty together.

As of 4:00 a.m. on the 27th, due to effective organization and proper measures, the "big ocean" in the Jiayin factory area has returned to its normal state.

At the same time, Jiayin’s logistics support work has been promoted simultaneously, providing rest areas for employees from outside the country, providing daily guarantee of three meals a day for free, and arranging for risk-avoiding employees and their families to watch fashionable movies and TV shows. Landscape. It is worth mentioning that in this anti-Taiwan risk prevention process, Jiayin's business department took the initiative to contact the trapped employees to provide corresponding support and assistance, and practiced the "people-oriented" corporate culture of Jiayin Technology.


On the 27th, Jiayin Technology resumed work as scheduled. Due to the well-prepared and well-organized Jiayin team, all the work of Jiayin was carried out in an orderly manner. On the same day, the company organized and held a safety meeting for resumption of work, implemented comprehensive safety inspections, implemented equipment trial operation, and strengthened various preventive measures. All work was carried out in an orderly manner. , creating favorable conditions for the achievement of the company's overall business goals in 2021.